Lisa Gibbs

Lisa Gibbs, RN, BSN

Hamilton Medical Center
Dalton, Georgia
United States

Manager comments: “Lisa Gibbs deserves the DAISY award for nursing excellence! Patients love her and so do the patients’ families. Lisa has worked extra shifts anytime we are short-staffed. Lisa mentors others nurses and is very knowledgeable. She has been a long time associate at Hamilton and is exactly what a DAISY nurse should be!!!

Fellow nurses: “We would like to nominate Lisa Gibbs because she continuously goes above and beyond expectations.

A perfect example of this is when our unit had a patient whose husband was not feeling well. He had a doctor’s appointment scheduled, but it was still days away. The daughter of the patient asked Lisa if she would check on her dad. The patient’s husband was complaining about his chest bothering him and that he just, “didn’t feel right.” As Lisa listened to the man’s heart sounds, she happened to hear a “swoosh” sound. Lisa told the family they needed to take him to the Emergency Department right then! Lisa grabbed a wheelchair and took the man downstairs to the ED. As it turned out the man had an aortic aneurysm and was sent to a local hospital specializing in this type of emergency. The man was transported via emergency transport. He had surgery the next day and survived the surgery. He continues to be doing very well.

This story may have ended differently if Lisa had not taken the time and seen about this man. Lisa Gibbs is an outstanding individual and has been a loyal associate at Hamilton for several years. We are proud to be a members of the team Lisa Gibbs works with!