Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook

Lisa Cook, RN

6B Medical Unit
Mercy Hospital Springfield (MO)
Springfield,, Missouri
United States

Lisa is an excellent nurse; she is well informed as an RN and is so caring with her patients. She is truly concerned about her patients and willing to assist and help as needed. Lisa is a model of what a nurse should be.

There was one day when our family was very upset because of test results which showed dad's kidneys were not good. Lisa took the time to sit with us and explain that sometimes these numbers would hit a peak but then would start to improve. She gave us hope that things were going to improve. Her attitude and compassion are remarkable. She helped get us through a very hard time.

When Lisa left at the end of her shift, she always reported well to the night shift and made sure the next nurse was well informed. Lisa is like family to all of us and we cherish the relationship we have with her.


I had the pleasure of caring for Mr. M on 6B while covering for Lisa Cook. During my time with his family, they shared many stories about the care they were receiving, primarily that which Lisa was providing.

The family told me that Lisa was a wonderful advocate; they said she treated them and all their family as if she too were part of the family. Lisa noticed the family was crowded in one of the smaller rooms on 6B yet knew the importance of them wanting to be with their father round-the-clock. Lisa spoke to the charge nurse and arranged for Mr. M to be transferred to a larger room that allowed more comfort for everyone.

The family said they had many concerns and worries about Mr. M's condition, his meds, and his labs. Lisa took a lot of time, often repeatedly, to provide information and reassurance. Lisa made sure Mr. M and his wife and family understood what was happening and why throughout his hospital stay.

Mr. M had difficulty sleeping and his family was concerned about his ability to heal. Lisa spoke with his physician and received an order to forego the 0100 V/S to allow for more restful sleep.

The M family have strong faith and family traditions. For several days leading up to Easter, the children had conversations about being with their dad on Easter morning versus attending mass offered in the Mercy Chapel. Lisa called the physician to get approval for Mr. M to attend mass on Easter morning with his family, including having a wheelchair ready. The family then invited Lisa to participate in their Easter morning traditions, including dining on "pizza piena".

Mr. M had been a patient on 6B for quite a while and had not been outdoors for several weeks. Lisa arranged for PT to work with him outside in the courtyard so he could enjoy the sun and fresh air. He said he loved it and didn't want to come back in!

Lisa is just a wonderful person and nurse; she puts her heart and soul into all that she does. Lisa truly exemplifies the values of a Mercy Nurse: attentive presence, tender courage, vigilance, spiritual presence, comprehensive care orchestration, compassionate care, and intellectual engagement.