Lindsey Foley

Lindsey Foley, RN

Swedish Medical Center - First Hill
Seattle, Washington
United States

Lindsey made such a wonderful impression on not only to my sister but to her family. The care that Lindsey showed our sister was incredible to see. She showed her that she truly cared for her. Lindsey asked our names once and then called us by name every time we had the opportunity to see her again. She was off the night before my sister's surgery but still expected her nurse that night to see how she was. Lindsey also went up to the ICU floor after the surgery to check-up on her before and after her shift.

When my sister ended up back on a respirator, Lindsey went up to ICU once again to check in on her. Then about an hour before she passed away Lindsey happened to once again check in to see how she was. My sister was so happy to see her and actually motioned for Lindsey to come closer for a hug. I really don't know a lot about Lindsey but I just know she took wonderful care for our sister when she had her as a patient and showed such concern for her during her whole stay at the hospital. She is a wonderful, sweet person, caring, and a truly incredible nurse! She deserves to be recognized and for understanding care and dedication to patients. Losing her was horrible and heart breaking but I am glad she was so impressed with Lindsey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for not only my sister but my best friend, you are awesome Lindsey!