Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall, RN, ADN

UAB Women & Infant Center's Labor & Delivery Unit
UAB Hospital
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
Lindsay’s actions allowed the patient to be with her husband and hold her baby for the precious few hours that he lived.

Lindsay Hall is an incredible, caring nurse who is extremely deserving of the DAISY Award! This year she quickly went from “nurse” to “nurse hero” in the eyes and hearts of a sweet patient and the patient’s entire family.

The patient had an extremely challenging and complicated pregnancy, and that day she gave birth to her first child via emergency C-section. The baby was born critically ill and immediately taken to the RNICU, fighting for his life. The patient’s husband went to the RNICU with the baby because the patient didn’t want their little baby boy to be alone. She was scared and extremely worried. Lindsay knew that the baby was critical and that the situation was grave – and she knew that the patient needed to be with her baby and husband.

That’s when Lindsay jumped into action; she advocated for the patient and insisted that she be immediately transported, still in her bed, to the RNICU. Lindsay stayed by the patient’s side the entire time she was in the RNICU, continually monitoring the patient and making sure that her health was not compromised. Lindsay’s actions allowed the patient to be with her husband and hold her baby for the precious few hours that he lived. Because of Lindsay’s heroism, the patient was there – right where she needed to be – when their newborn baby passed away. The only time that Lindsay was not seen right beside her patient was when this incredible nurse stepped out into the hallway for a few minutes to grieve for the baby and this sweet family.

I heard all about “the amazing nurse” and her “heroic efforts” from the patient’s mother, and then I met her later that evening. Lindsay came to see the patient – just to check on her and see how she was doing – after she got off duty for the night. I witnessed Lindsay place a caring hand on the patient’s shoulder and reassure her by telling her, in a most calming way, how beautiful and peaceful the baby looked, and how good she looked.

When this grateful family thanked her, Lindsay simply said: “I was just doing my job.” Lindsay was clearly doing more than “just her job” – she was going the extra mile to make sure that her patient, and this family, had everything they needed. Lindsay was a very bright light during a very dark time, and her actions made a huge difference to the patient, her husband, and the entire family. I believe her actions also made a difference to the baby – because, for his entire life, all he ever knew was his mother’s womb. He knew her voice, her breathing, her scent – he knew his mother loved him. And because of Lindsay, the baby experienced the familiar comfort of his mother being there with him when he left this world.

I’m so thankful that Lindsay was this patient’s nurse! Without question, Lindsay is an exceptional nurse who provides exceptional care for those who need it most. I believe she is a deserving candidate for the DAISY Award!