Lindsay Dietz

Lindsay Dietz, BSN, RN, CRRN

Rehab - Doylestown
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
United States

It is not easy for a 72 year old man to tell a young woman who looks to be in her 20s that he has irritated hemorrhoids. But, when I finally did, Lindsay made it seem like a very everyday event, put me at ease about asking and provided a solution for relief.

Her consistently cheerful and happy manner nicely compliment her considerable professional skills and attention to detail. She always listened closely to me, asked the right questions to get more feedback and was an excellent problem solver. With my confidence in Lindsay as my nurse, I could relax, get a good night's sleep and focus on my rehab. In short, with Lindsay involved, things just always went more smoothly.


As a patient at MossRehab on two separate occasions, I had ample opportunity to witness the skill and devotion of Lindsay Dietz. Each time she came on duty she re-introduced herself and spent several minutes asking about my welfare, condition, pain management and all aspects of my care. She patiently explained the multitude of medicines I took each day and answered my questions and those of the family members often in attendance. She never lost her own ability to carefully and completely discuss any aspect of my care until she was satisfied.


Lindsay was thorough and disciplined in the administration of care and dispensing of medicine, going through the steps of identifying me and the medicine I was taking each time before administering them. Her work is a great credit to MossRehab and the Profession of nursing.