Linda Egan

Linda Egan

Linda Egan, BSN, RN

7 Central Neurosurgery
Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

I was admitted to the Neurosurgery unit on 7 Central, Room 13, for 48 hours close monitoring due to a subdural hematoma injury. I had fallen down a flight of stairs, striking my head on a wooden barrier.

During the observation period of two days I received the most wonderful care from all the nursing staff, but one person in particular stand out as exceptional in every way, Linda Egan.

To begin with, she was the most tireless advocate for my care and well-being. She had a warm human touch and was totally involved in all aspects of my condition. She seemed to be always thinking of ways to make me more comfortable.

When I describe her as a tireless advocate, I was aware of many changes in the Doctor's orders that she personally pursued by interacting so effectively with staff, resulting in substantial improvement in my care and comfort.

A few examples: Linda instigated my taking my blood sugar levels (I am a Type II Diabetic) to be sure changes in my medication were not harmful. Linda secured permission to start me on a Tylenol regimen to forestall headaches (which worked). Linda obtained approval to apply cold compresses of various sizes and shapes she creatively devised, to treat swelling and inflammation. Since I was on an all liquid diet, she sought permission to switch me over to solid foods which was greatly appreciated. When I was discharged I was still getting curbside instructions from Linda as I was entering my wife's car! These are a few examples of the compassionate measures she rigorously pursued on my behalf.

Summing up, I can state that during my stay at Lahey, I never felt more safe and protected due to the ministrations of this wonderful nurse, Linda Egan!