Linda Burrell

Linda Burrell

Linda Burrell, BSN, RN

6D mental health
VA Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Houston , Texas
United States
Linda brainstormed and thought of a process to improve the practice on the unit.

Linda Burrell is a phenomenal and exceptional nurse who has prodigious and extensive experience in Mental Health and Medical Surgical. Linda skillfully performs her art of nursing when she takes care of the Veterans. She is flexible and extends herself to assist on the unit to ensure that the unit has adequate staffing, so the Veterans can receive quality nursing care with some of the flexibilities asked of her are at the last minute. Linda identifies measures to improve the practice of nursing for the Veterans that have made a tremendous, positive impact on the care that they receive and supports the ICARE mission of the organization.

A Veteran was admitted to the Program in January. The Veteran did not bring her medications with her on the date of her admission to the program because the Veterans are asked not to bring their medications. This Veteran had Asthma and was on the medication called Theophylline. Theophylline is a medication that is used in therapy for respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The Veteran was prescribed to take Theophylline daily by her physician. Once the Veteran was admitted to Nursing Unit 6D and the nursing staff and interdisciplinary assessed her it was discovered that the organization did not have the medication.

Linda communicated daily with the interdisciplinary team that the Veteran had not received her Theophylline medication for a few days, the Veteran have asthma, and that she was concerned of the probability of the Veteran experiencing some respiratory problems due to not receiving her medication. Linda kept her Nurse Manager abreast of her communication with the interdisciplinary team and the outcomes, along with the Nurse Manager communicating with the interdisciplinary team on how the organization can get the medication that was needed for the Veteran. As a proactive nursing team on Nursing Unit, effective communication, thinking of ways in which the organization can get the medication, communicating with the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, the organization was able to get the medication and the Veteran was able to continue her medication regimen without experiencing any respiratory problems. Considering the dynamics of the situation and measures taken to get the medication Linda brainstormed and thought of a process to improve the practice on the unit as it relates to having medications within the organization prior to the Veterans being admitted into the Program.

Linda collaborated with her Nurse Manager, peers, the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, and the interdisciplinary team of partnering with the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist by giving him a list of the names of the Veterans who would be admitted into the ROVER/WISER Program and reviewed the Veterans outpatient medications to ensure that the organization has the medications prior to the Veterans being admitted into the program. If the organization does not have the medication all efforts would be taken to ensure that the organization has the medications prior to the Veterans arriving on their admission date.

Since the implementation of this process/practice, there have been no Veterans who have been admitted into the Program who did not have their prescribed medications. This is a true reflection of working together as a team; effective communication, changing practices in nursing, and the implementation of changes to improve patient care and patient satisfaction. Additionally, this is an innovation that has changed the practice of nursing in the Program. Linda’s integrity is highly respected amongst the Veterans in the program. She maintains the trust and confidence of the Veterans which has a tremendous impact on their recovery. She is committed to the Veterans and their families and ensures that she assist the Veterans and their families during the transformation process. Additionally, Linda provides dignity and respect to the Veterans and demonstrates excellence in the care that she deliverers to the Veterans.