Lianna Pope

Lianna Pope

Lianna Pope, RN

Advanced Care-Step Down
Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio
United States
Lianna would always leave me smiling when she finished her hourly check on me.

Lianna Pope always has a beautiful smile and remembers the "small stuff". She takes the extra step and her patients feel the care and concern she has for them. She took great care of me and I really appreciated her. Never change, Lianna, you are great!
Lianna goes out of her way to make sure her patients and their families are very well taken care of. When my sister was being released, Lianna called me to let me know. She went above and beyond all her duties. She always had a smile and a great attitude.

Thank you, Lianna!


Nurse Lianna was such a bright light in one of my darkest times. She was exceptional in her kind-hearted, caring nature. She always listened and put me first. Lianna always seemed to anticipate my needs and had them met before I needed to tell her. She has such a compassionate way of communicating. She would always leave me smiling when she finished her hourly check on me.

During critical and serious times of my care, she proved to be versatile in her ability to maintain professionalism and promptness to keep me informed. Even on shifts she was not my nurse, she would check on me. Lianna, I appreciate and thank you!

All of Lianna's patients recognize the excellent care she provides. Several patients have said that even when they know she is busy, she still takes the time to make them feel like they are her only patients. She pays attention to details, is thorough with her assessments, and follows up with the leadership team if she has questions or concerns.

Patients state that she stands out from the rest and goes above and beyond for everyone. One example that a patient and her daughter gave was at the change of shift one day as night shift came on and during bedside hand-off, a situation was noted that needed immediate attention.

Lianna and her PCT took their time to remedy the issues of cleaning up and making the patient comfortable. The patient stated that Lianna made her feel like she was the only patient she had, but knew she was just arriving and very busy. Lianna's peers also appreciate her. She is a team player who is always willing to help. Lianna is an asset to our team and the PHP family!