Lee Ann Becker

Lee Ann Becker

Lee Ann Becker, RN

Emergency Department
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
West Chester, Pennsylvania
United States

...I wanted to personally write you regarding the nursing care I received Valentine's Day evening in the ER, and subsequently I was admitted. A kidney stone lodged in my ureter, and ultimately was removed via a catheter extraction procedure on Sunday afternoon. Lee Ann was on duty in ER. Her medical care was exemplary, but it was how she treated not only me, but those around me, that really struck home.

My pain level was severe enough to warrant Dilaudid every 2 hours, and was compounded by a heart rate in the mid one-teens. She was prompt when called, but came by other times to see how I was. My wife was allowed to stay with me that night in the ER, as the hospital reached capacity. She found a more comfortable chair, some extra blankets, a drink. But what happened around me that night is why I am writing. I heard her visit other patients in a similar manner.

A fellow next to me, a rather loud sort, had checked in with a lot of fluid. Several tests in the ER revealed a strong signal for cancer. He began to call his sister and mother, and had said earlier that he lost his wife 10 months earlier. The words said and actions Lee Ann took to offer some comfort were not from years of medical knowledge, but from years of caring.

Another fellow on the other side of me was being held over for cardiac tests; another talked of her friend suffering with substance abuse. Worry was thick in the air--I suspect it may have been a typical night in the ER. What I witnessed that night made me realize that the ER nursing staff is the stuff of angels, and that I was blessed that Lee Ann was chosen to look after me.


This is an excerpt from a letter sent by one of our ED patients to the hospital. It speaks to the essence of nursing and I found it to be a wonderfully accurate portrayal of Lee Ann and all that she is. Our patient felt blessed that Lee Ann was chosen to look after him, and we feel most fortunate that Lee Ann has chosen to work with us.