Leah Holiwell

Leah Holiwell, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

My son has been hospitalized since April due to severe seizures. We flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Thus far my experience has been a horrifying and difficult one. Leah gave my son outstanding care by going above and beyond and has been so supportive of me. My coping skills have been very weak and when I tried to locate a store nearby and had trouble I cried. She looked up and printed out several options for me, which was of huge relief to me.
She made me laugh, distracted me from my pain and let me cry on her shoulder. When I could no longer keep it in, she patiently explained everything she was doing to my son and every answered every question had. I pray that you acknowledge this wonderful and special nurse. She deserves it! I can tell you it makes a huge difference when you have a truly caring compassionate and talented nurse beside you.