Leah DelPizzo

Leah DelPizzo

Leah DelPizzo, RN

Ambulatory - Geriatrics
Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Leah is an ambulatory nurse who is a role model of compassion and caring for our patients. She has many years of experience and strives to achieve excellence in everything she does for our patients.

In July, there was a patient that was leaving our clinic after her appointment with Dr. M. As she exited thru the courtyard door she fell on the sidewalk. A homecare aide from Homestead saw the patient fall and alerted us immediately. Leah, the practice manager and MA, quickly reached the patient; assessing her and Leah called the code to HFV security/EMS, as this took place outside of the Medical Center. Leah and the MA stayed with the patient even after security/EMS arrived and helped to determine the need to call Dearborn Fire/Rescue. These two employees showed a great deal of professionalism, skill, compassion and kindness.

Another patient situation last week showed the dedication Leah has to her role in her clinic. A patient had come in with symptoms of a UTI. Leah requested the patient provide a urine sample for testing and culture. When the culture results returned from the lab, on Thursday, she spoke with a NP, and the decision was made the patient should start on an antibiotic ASAP with a referral to his urologist. Leah repeatedly attempted to reach the patient by telephone throughout the day, without success. Leah was concerned and discussed this with the practice manager Jennifer, as the clinic was closing. It was agreed that it was best it for the patient to be able to start the antibiotic that night.

The clinic was locked up and the two walked to the patient's apartment but there was no answer there. They then walked thru HFV hoping to locate him, as a last resort. They found him in the main dining room and asked to speak to him privately. Leah explained the culture results and the medication the patient would need. The patient is a retired physician. He was surprised and grateful that we sought him out.

He was asked to follow-up in the clinic the following morning so the information could be reviewed again, and make sure he knew exactly what to tell his urologist and he was offered assistance in obtaining an appointment.

It is an honor to work with Leah. She is an everyday hero, living our credo of Patients Come First!