Laura Menger

Laura Menger, RN

Burn Services
Doctors Hospital of Augusta
Augusta, Georgia
United States

Laura has worked for Burn Services for 39 years. She is a night shift charge nurse where she never leaves her crew in a bind. She is always there to help out. She charges, takes a full load of patients, and still manages to pick up any slack. She often takes more patients when needed to take the load off her crew. She does any job that is needed and does not even need to be asked. She does this all with a smile and words of encouragement to all. She stays positive even when things are starting to go negative. Laura lives 3 hours away. She could have found a closer, less stressful job, yet she chooses to stay at Doctors Hospital in our Burn Services department. She is a true gem and the nurse we all aspire to be. It will definitely be a sad day when Laura decides to retire. Thank you, Laura, for all you do.