Laura Goddard

Laura Goddard

Laura Goddard, BSN, RN

Medicine Specialty Clinics
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States
Laura is always there to listen to me and follow-through with my issues.

I have been a patient of Dr. G for at least six years and I strongly feel that between Dr. G and Laura, they are the reason my feet touch the floor each morning and send me on my way to a very fulfilling day. I have very complicated medical issues and Laura is always there to listen to me and follow-through with my issues. I am on weekly infusions of magnesium that require me to go to a medical institution two or three times a week no matter if I’m at home or traveling. Laura has been able to locate places for me to go to from Northern Minnesota to Dallas, not an easy task. She talked me through a port infection when an infusion center in Cedar Rapids could not diagnosis me. With a recent total knee replacement, this was huge.

Laura works extremely well with all my medical personnel from the pharmacist, medical doctors, and home health nurses when I qualified for them. Her people skills are excellent. Whenever I call her, I know I can count on her to return my calls and give me as much time as I need.

I cannot express how kind she is to me and my family, how intelligent she is and very soothing. I many times feel like I’m her only patient but being a nurse to 26 doctors, I know I’m not. How she makes all the patients feel so special and important is beyond me. Her heart and expertise are always for the patients’ best interests.