Laura Bozeman

Laura Bozeman, RN

Med/Surg and Emergency Department
Spectrum Health Reed City
Reed City, Michigan
United States
Laura was kind, she was respectful and most of all she showed wonderful compassion.

I came into the ER with heart palpitations. For 5 hours I was lucky enough to have Laura as my nurse. Laura was kind, she was respectful and most of all she showed wonderful compassion. She kept us up to date on what was happening and she just lit up the room when she smiled-which was a lot and we sure appreciated that. It was so great to have someone so nice take care of you when you are so scared. I also heard on the other side if the curtain how sweet and caring she was to the name next to us. We need more people like her!


I’m allergic to a lot of different medications and have a complex medical history. I’m a cancer survivor and have many current health issues. She never judges me or has any issues with the meds I take. She doesn’t treat me like I just come for the drugs. When I was in the ER she has taken care of me several times and she is so nice. She is a big comfort to me, she sits and listens to me, she held my hand and stroked my head, she comforts me. Every hospital needs 100 nurses like her!


I brought my 5-year-old daughter into the ER. This was the second time we had been there within a few days. My daughter felt horrible. I couldn’t even get her to smile and I’m her Mom. This nurse came in and not only made my sick little girl smile, but she made her comfortable and spent time trying to console her. This nurse brought her crayons and paper. My little girl drew this nurse the sweetest picture. It is so nice to see “human compassion”. Thank you so much to this nurse!


Laura smiled the whole time. Listened to my concerns and was very upbeat. She made me feel very comfortable and went above and beyond for me. She is a big asset to the ER and any patient she sees is lucky to be treated by such a wonderful nurse.  I cannot thank her enough. Kudos to her! Please thank her for me!