Laura Ashton
March 2017
Neuro Critical Care Unit
University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics
Salt Lake City
United States




My son was a patient on NCCU. I want to say that everyone that had anything to do with his care did a phenomenal job, from the many doctors to the housekeeping staff. My son's death was sudden and tragic, but I have no doubt that everything was done to keep him comfortable.

I want to give a great big thank you to Laura. She took great care to make sure that my family's needs were met. When I was cold, she brought me a blanket. She also set up a side waiting room next to my son's room and made sure that we had drinks and snacks. Every time my son had a procedure done, she was there to explain it to us.

I know that she was not his only caregiver, but Laura is the one that stands out in my foggy mind. When they took him off life support, he was moved into a larger room so that all his family and friends could be with him. As I walked into his room, he looked so peaceful! He wore a bandana that covered all his surgery areas, and he was holding a picture of me and had a couple of daisy flowers in his hands. I'm sure that it was Laura who had placed them in his hands. She had also made sure that the crocheted blanket that I had brought with him was covering him.

Thank you, Laura, and thank you to all the staff at University of Utah Medical Center.