Laura Allen

Laura Allen, RN

Operating Room
Franklin Woods Community Hospital
Johnson City, Tennessee
United States
Laura’s compassion for patients is never in question.

I would like to nominate Laura Allen for the DAISY Award. I would like to nominate Laura based on several characteristics including integrity, compassion, and patient advocacy. Perioperative nurses are often not recognized by patients since the surgical experience is often clouded or not even remembered.  If all of our patients were awake and alert, I feel certain that Laura would have multiple nominations.

Laura helped to develop the PeriOp Practice Council even before FWVH started on Pathway and Shared Governance Journey. She struggled with attendance but showed motivation and drive by thinking out of the box for innovative ways to boost participation. She held meetings on Saturday mornings, brought brunch foods, and door prizes. She created a conference call in option and sometimes had meetings in restaurants. Laura had the courage to tackle issues in the department no matter if it was PAT, surgery, PACU, or pre-op. Her enthusiasm spread to her colleagues empowering them to help drive change. Multiple projects were completed including signage for surgery waiting rooms, a meet your team campaign for patients and families, and PACU bypass standard work among other things.

Laura was instrumental as a unit champion for our Pathway to Excellence Process. Her “This is for nurses by nurses”  quote helped engage her peers and contributed to a successful survey.

Laura is a patient advocate. On multiple occasions, I have received a phone call on a weekend or late night because Laura is concerned about a patient who may be septic. At least one time she was with a surgeon and wanted to make sure that he needed to use the sepsis order set. She has called after difficult cases at night and ask that I make sure to check on the patient the following day because she is concerned about them.  Laura’s compassion for patients is never in question.

I have personally received letters of praise about Laura and her nursing care from a patient who received outstanding care on several trips through the surgery department. This was a DAISY nomination several months ago. This particular patient made home-baked cinnamon rolls for one of the perioperative practice council meetings which I was lucky enough to attend.

In summary, I believe that Laura deserves the DAISY Nurse Award. I would want her to take care of me or any member of my family. Her care and compassion are worthy of the DAISY Nurse recognition.