Kristina LaChance

Kristina LaChance

Kristina LaChance, RN

MaineGeneral Medical Center
Augusta, Maine
United States

Kristina is a natural caregiver who seems to have found her passion. Her upbeat positive attitude always brings a smile to my husband's face, even when he is grumpy. Kristina is always prompt and provides the time to address any needs or concerns. She is great with follow-up and finding extra information if needed. Another terrific member of the entire wonderful 2 West team!


I wish to thank the nurses, and nurse assistants who individually and collectively made a terrible experience tolerable, and at a time even enjoyable. MaineGeneral and its patients are very fortunate to have such Nurses!

There is an outstanding Nurse who I and MaineGeneral must recognize: Kristina! She was with me throughout my stay. She made me laugh so many times with her many comments. Her laugh made me laugh. Also, I had several issues with pain my back. They were not functioning correctly. She had to improvise to make them functional. Her efforts relieved my pain and made the back condition bearable.