Kristin Chopp

Kristin Chopp, RN, BSN

MacNeal Hospital
Berwyn, Illinois
United States
It was such a pleasure to have Kristin around talking to me, explaining meds, explaining procedures.

I’m a single mother of four, ages from 19 to 15 years. I started to experience chest pain, which I ignored and thought was heartburn.  Heartburn meds were unsuccessful and caused the pain to come and hurt even more.  I drove myself to the hospital emergency department about my issues.  I was immediately placed inside a room. 

A troponin test was done, and that test confirmed I had experienced a heart attack.  Within seconds, the cardiologist team was in my room.  I was scared and afraid.  Dr. P and Dr. R with a team of residents saved my life.  Not only did I feel safe, I felt secure knowing my life was in the hands of wonderful, skilled experts.

I had a procedure done and don’t remember much.  What I do remember is waking up to the most beautiful face and smile, Nurse Kristin.  She is my MVP.  It was such a pleasure to have her around talking to me, explaining meds, explaining procedures.  She has a way about her that made me feel loved and important.  I was not just her patient, but a person.  Her words and kindness reassured me that all would work out and be okay. My entire experience at MacNeal was truly life-changing.  I take with me a memory of great people, staff, and team.  I will remember this entire team for the rest of my life.