Kristen Baker

Kristen Baker, RN

Memorial Epworth Depression Unit
Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States

Kristen Baker, RN is a nurse who sincerely cares for the patients on the Epworth Depression Unit. She spends as much time as possible actually sitting down with each of her patients. She really tries to find out what the best way to help them with whatever situation has brought them to the point of calling out for help. She is truly an advocate for each patient.

One particular patient had been admitted multiple times for psychotic episodes. Her family did not know what to do with her. Kristen took the time to thoroughly research the patient's previous admissions and identified some similarities between all of her admissions. She went to 3 different NP's and physicians with her findings but could
not convince them to re-evaluate the similarities that she had found.

She did not stop advocating for this patient. She continued to care for this patient by going to yet another doctor that was part of the patient's treatment team. This physician listened to her, presented the information to a panel of other physicians and her recommendations were put in place.

By Kristen's persistence and insistence on advocating for this patient, she is now doing very well and has not needed to be readmitted since.

Kristen consistently shows the same high level of care for all of her patients, even if they are unpleasant. She treats all of her patients with the same high level of care and advocates for all of them to whatever level needed. She has a great ability to talk with patients who are in a crisis, and help them to calm down in a therapeutic manner.

She always has the patients best interests in mind at all times.