Kimberly Nixon Ward

Kimberly Nixon Ward

Kimberly Nixon Ward, RN

Tift Regional Medical Center
Tifton, Georgia
United States
Kimberly made it a point to share a nice word, give a comforting touch, and be a listening ear each time she entered our room.

When you think about the defining characteristics of nurses, words like compassionate, professional, educator, honest, committed, and integrity often come to mind. For some nurses, the profession is a true calling. Kimberly is a fine example of one that goes above and beyond for her patients, their family, guests, and co-workers on a daily basis. She was described as thoughtful, compassionate, hard-working, honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and professional.

From her co-workers:

“It’s always a joy to work with her.”

“She is always smiling and has a positive word to say.” 

“When you make rounds on her patients, you are always guaranteed to hear positive things. Her patients love her. They always talk about how she is so caring, going above and beyond to meet their needs. She has a true gift.” 


Caring is the essence of nursing. And a nurse’s ability to demonstrate understanding and compassion can be the cornerstone to connecting with their patients. I was lucky enough to meet a nurse that I feel is a great example of what this profession is about. Kimberly is a nurse in the OB/GYN department. After my delivery, Kimberly was the night shift nurse that cared for me and our new baby boy. Labor is an exhausting process, both emotionally and physically. Kimberly made it a point to share a nice word, give a comforting touch, and be a listening ear each time she entered our room. On the third night of our stay, I had reached my max due to sleep deprivation and the hormonal turmoil that new moms are blessed with after delivery. I am a very independent person and I have a very difficult time asking for help. Kimberly had mentioned to me the night before that our new little one would need to do a car seat test due to being born early. She went out of her way to make arrangements so this test could be done during her shift that night and my little one could be taken to the nurses’ station for just little while so I could get some much needed rest. She did all of this without me asking. I could not thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and consideration, but little did I know her caring did not stop here.

Kimberly went on to care for us during our stay. The night before our discharge day, Kimberly had been in our room checking on our little one, as I had already been discharged at this time and was nesting. She took her time, asked how I was doing and feeling, and made it a point to ensure that I was taking care of myself so I could take care of the baby. She knew that sleeping had been a challenge so she was extra quiet when entering and exiting the room. That morning at shift change she apparently entered the room to find us sleeping. When I woke up there was a note on my bedside table. She thanked me for allowing her to care for me and our baby. She stated that we were both resting so well and she knew how that had been a struggle so she didn’t want to wake us, but she would be going off shift for the next few days and she didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye and wishing us the best. The note was not long, it was not wordy, it was a perfect simple touch that just topped off her already great care and made it extraordinary. A huge thank you to Kimberly. The care that she provided will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.