Kimberly Marshall

Kimberly Marshall

Kimberly Marshall, RN

Medical Surgical
Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center
Fontana, California
United States
Kim is not only doing her job, it shows it is her passion.

Our nurse, Kimberly Marshall, was the kindest, most professional nurse we had taking care of our mother in a time of sadness and worry.  She was not only attentive to every care my mother needed, she made sure to do her job 100% and above.  She made us feel like she was taking care of one of her loved ones and in this circumstance that we were going through it meant the world to us.   Thank you for doing what you did.   Our family is eternally grateful.   Kim is not only doing her job, it shows it is her passion.   Thank you a million.  


Kimberly is a remarkable nurse and she exemplifies the values of Kaiser Permanente Nursing.  She provides excellent care, with integrity and compassion; she is a team player, extremely professional, and keeps the patient and family in the center of everything that she does.  Kimberly truly is an extraordinary nurse.