Kimberly Cento
May 2017
Radiation Oncology
Capital Health Medical Center-Hopewell
United States




Kim has been an integral member of the Radiation Oncology Nursing Team, taking care of cancer patients since 1993. She is truly an extraordinary nurse. Recently we had a patient return for a follow-up appointment, who wanted to make sure she expressed her appreciation of Kim. She said, “Kim was a wonderful nurse and probably the best nurse I have ever met.” She said that she “goes out of her way to take care of patients and answer their questions” and continued on with glowing remarks about her. These compliments are from one of the many patients who admire Kim. Our patients in Radiation Oncology know Kim by name and ask about her on days she is not at work. We have patients who stop by just to visit, requesting to speak with Kim. Kim is consistently focused on helping others and strives to provide excellent care to each and every patient and their family members. Patients have described Kim in a variety of ways: compassionate, caring, trustworthy, dedicated, and fun to interact with. It is not only the patients who feel this way about Kim. The doctors, the patients’ family members, and the staff also share this opinion of Kim. Our oncology patients coming for treatments are facing one of the most difficult times in their life. Kim helps each patient and family through these difficult times. She helps them to share their concerns and is a great support throughout treatment and beyond. Kim helps the patient realize that they are not defined by their diagnosis. She offers a shoulder to cry on, and ear to listen, and a sense of humor to laugh along with. Kim is a great advocate for our patients and goes above and beyond to make sure the patient is receiving the appropriate care and support necessary to help them complete treatment and recover as a survivor. Even though a patient may come through with oncology needs, Kim will always make sure that the patient is taken care of as a whole, whether it means addressing other medical issues or even social and family issues. We have definitely appreciated Kim and as one of the patients have endearingly addressed her as Kimmy Kim Kim.”