Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown, RN

Pediatric Clinic
Kaiser Permanente Ambulatory Care Baldwin Park Medical Center
Baldwin Park, California
United States

Kim Brown has been an exceptional RN partner. The Pediatrics department has been developing an RN leadership program for 2 years now. Through this program, Kimberly has been fully participatory and open to finding ways to improve the department for the benefit of our patients. She has grown tremendously and has become an amazing leader for the department.

We have been working on teamwork in the department and relying on the RN's as the component to lead this endeavor. Kimmy has been recognized by her team of LVN's and MA's as exceptionally caring and able to bring together to team to address any challenge. She can be direct and assertive, but it is in her caring relationship with the nurses that actually makes her successful at influencing behavior-especially in times of urgency. I have heard nurses say, "Why can't everybody lead a team like Kim?"

During our RN meeting Kim has shared with her colleagues the things she does to build relationships. I have seen Kimmy's RN colleagues being inspired by what Kimmy has been able to do with her team. The RN team members have been better able to work on building relationships with Kim's help and mentoring. Kimmy has developed a relationship with her colleagues where she faces the responsibility of building her professional practice as well as encouraging her RN team to do so as well. She has a graceful way of addressing issues and challenges where she can speak honestly to her RN team about improvements in their approach to the staff.

Kimberly is also very quality driven. She is partnering with her fellow RN, Aera Kim, to build a RN nurse visit clinic for our department. Their project is to build a policy and procedure for throat cultures and a standing order for Rapid Strep processing. Kimmy led this endeavor by meeting with doctors and nurses as well as researching what is already available in our organization. Kimmy also is brave to question patient care plans when she feels that patients need a higher level of care4 or more ancillary services, like social work or mental health. She has won the respect of the physician team as an intelligent and worthy partner and a valuable patient advocate.

Kimmy is committed to service. She is constantly recognized by her team as well as our patients for being caring and going above and beyond what is necessary. Last week she was called in by one of our physicians to do service recovery after the visit with the MD that did not go well. KImmy was recognized by the parent as being respectful and understanding. The parent wanted to highlight how wonderful Kimmy was during their visit. Her engagement in the visit minimized the patient's dissatisfaction with the MD.

She leads her team in service work as she coaches them to be more empathetic and delivering services they are capable of doing, like making follow up appointments for nay patient, giving clear directions, encouragement, rephrasing of certain terms, encouraging them to help their team members and encouraging her LVN and MA team to work with other RNs more respectfully. She approaches them on a very empathetic and honest level of caring which has helped improve our service culture.

Kimmy has done great work in our clinic to improve our culture of service and quality to our members and to each other.