Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly Anderson, RN

UPMC McKeesport
McKeesport, Pennsylvania
United States

Also in picture is Cheryl Como, DrNP, CNO
Kim & I were standing in the parking garage talking when we noticed two elderly ladies hunting for their car. They walked up and down, then tried the “panic” button on the car and went in the direction of the car horn, but still couldn’t find it. We offered them some suggestions and parted company. When I was pulling out of the garage I saw Kim’s car going the wrong way in the garage. I suspected she was driving the ladies around to help them find their car. I didn’t see Kim for a couple of days to ask her but sure enough, when I saw her, she said she spent 40 minutes driving the ladies around the garage to help them find their car. That was not only a nice thing to do but it was above and beyond what most people would do. It is a testament to the kind of nurse Kim is. She will always go above & beyond for her patients just like she did for these elderly ladies. I have followed her as a nurse many times & have heard time and time again how wonderful she is. She truly deserves the DAISY Award for her kind and compassionate nursing care.