Kim Miller

Kim Miller

Kim Miller, RN

Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids (IA)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States

Kim was the hospice nurse for my aunt B. B had been diagnosed with breast cancer. B had fears and anxiety about allowing hospice into their home. However from the moment Kim met my aunt and uncle, they connected, and Kim was a perfect match. Kim's compassion and caring during this time was above and beyond. Kim shared similar interests of her love of the outdoors and hunting. Sharing her own personal interests that were similar to my aunt and uncle, put them at ease. B offered to take the hospice gals, including Kim, on an ATV ride out into the fields behind their home. Kim offered to drive the ATV which was a good thing as it might not have been so safe if B drove. This was a highlight in her care. In October, B lost her battle. Her death which she feared was very peaceful and comfortable. B had the best death she could have wished for. As she passed, my uncle reassured B he would not be far behind her, as they always did everything together.

On Thanksgiving, my uncle discovered a large lump near his rib cage. After about a week it was discovered he had an agressive liver cancer. He opted to try chemotherapy pills although Dr. N stated she wasn't sure the pills could catch up with the disease. Within the next two weeks his healthy rapidly declined. Once again it was time to call in hospice. Dr. N asked for Kim to be assigned to my uncle, because of the excellent care and personal connection she made with them during B's journey.

One of Uncle's last wishes was to get to his hunting shack and get a deer. It was the thrill of the hunt. Dr. N agreed to give him some fluids although doubted whether it would be a good idea to be hunting. That morning, my mom (his caregiver), got up and gathered all of his hunting materials and packed him a lunch. Uncle, his best friend and wife, headed to the woods on the Ranger ATV. Unfortunately after about an hour of being up in his hunting shack, he asked to go back to the house. He was disappointed, but was glad he had this one last opportunity.

He had told Kim of his hunting adventure, and how he wanted a fresh deer steak. Luckily, Kim had better luck hunting and she brought him out a fresh deer steak. He raved about Kim and how wonderful she was. Prior to Kim coming out one of the last times, I noticed Kim had gotten engaged. I had informed Uncle of this. He asked to see her hand when she arrived. He was thrilled for her and felt her fiance was one lucky guy.

On Christmas day, Uncle got his Christmas wish. He died peacefully Christmas morning and once again was reunited with B in heaven. He held out his promise to B, he would not be far behind her. The other blessing Christmas Day, was that it was Kim's holiday to work. She was comforting to our family and they would have been relieved she was there for our family. Christmas was a beautiful day, although it was filled with emotion, it was a relief to have Kim there with our family.