Kim Easley

Kim Easley

Kim Easley, RN

Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Nurses speak one language and technical analysts speak another.

Fortunately for the EMR Presentation Team we have Kim Easley on the Presentation Support Team who is fluent in both “Nurse” and “Techno” speak. Kim is consistently going above and the beyond the call of duty as she not only functions as a Team Lead, but she also is the unofficial go-to person for clinical workflow issues. Her background as a critical care bedside nurse makes communication between the presenters and the support analysts smoother, more efficient and more accurate. An example would be the creation of clinical decision support rules where evidence-based practice, nursing judgment and technical competence must all come together to facilitate workflow as opposed to hindering it or even worse, endangering patient care. Kim’s expertise within the numerous domains that we present in allows her to clearly explain functionality, enhancements and technical limitations to the presenters so that we are able to design patient scenarios that are clinically relevant and that showcase Cerner’s innovations in the best light possible.

Without Kim, the presentation preparation process would be far more challenging and the result would be a lower quality show for the client.

Thank you Kim, the entire team of presenters would like to acknowledge your skill, leadership, patience and the countless other contributions that you make every day (and yes, even on the weekends and after-hours when we’re presenting abroad).