Kim Calloway

Kim Calloway

Kim Calloway, RN

Scott Memorial Hospital
Scottsburg, Indiana
United States

I nominate Kim Calloway from the OB department for the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

The criteria: Job performance exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of Scott Memorial Hospital.

Provides compassionate care.

Has made a special connection with a patient, family member/visitor or peer.

Is a role model for others.

Models extraordinary nursing skills and competency.

Demonstrates continued commitment to excellence.

Kim demonstrated all of the above because she's been my nurse since day one when I arrived in labor with my baby girl. She made sure that I have been well taken care of my whole stay. She came to check on me even if I didn't use my call light. She gave me wonderful breastfeeding mom tips that were very helpful for me. I never felt forgotten about her and I could absolutely tell she loves her job. She would be the reason I'd recommend other moms deliver at Scott Memorial. She is a wonderful nurse and I feel very stongly she deserves this in every single way. I was very fortunate to have her every single day of my stay. She is an extraordinary nurse! I'm glad that I have a way to tell her thank you.