Kim Bunkartas

Kim Bunkartas

Kim Bunkartas, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

Hospital Medicine
Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

...On behalf of the entire night shift nursing staff on 7 Central Hospital nominate Kim Bunkartis, NP from Hospital Medicine Department. Here is what a few of the staff had to say about Kim:

Kim is an intelligent, compassionate team player. She is an outstanding resource and one of the smartest people we know. Kim makes us feel comfortable to ask her questions, even when it isn't her patient. Whenever we speak to her, she thoroughly explains her rationale for her decisions and she always listens to the nurses input. She spends time with her patients and makes them feel well taken care of.

Kim will always check back with us. She is always calling the floor before she goes home to check on her patients and to make sure the nurses and patients are all set. Kim cares about her co-workers. She will even answer questions about our own medical issues. She takes the time to educate her patients and the staff. Kim is confident and competent in her decision.

Recently I came on shift at 7pm and was picking up a patient from the previous nurse who had just initiated a "brain attack" call. Before anyone else got there, Kim had already entered the room and had done a complete and thorough neuro assessment. Watching how casually Kim assessed the patient and initiated the appropriate testing was very comforting for us as nurses, not to mention for the patient. The patient was very nervous about what was happening to her but Kim continued to reassure her and helped her understand what the plan was going to be.

Kim is very thorough and will call to follow up on labs and tests that were ordered. She is quick to call us back when we page her with a concern. On the rare occasion that she doesn't know the answer for you, she will tell us she's going to do a "little research" and get back to you.

Overall, Kim is the bright spot on the night shift, for both the nurses and the patients. She always goes above and beyond. We don't know what we would do without her. Lahey is a better hospital because of her.