Keri Wiersma

Keri Wiersma, RN

Bronson Methodist Hospital
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States

I kept hearing from my family how delightful this nurse they had, Keri, was while my niece was in the PICU. We have a large, interesting family who was always present in my niece’s stay with Bronson. Keri never once made us feel like we were in the way. My father (grandfather to patient) is hard of hearing, after being told this, Keri was sure to tap his shoulder and speak up when she addressed him, this really put him at ease to be able to hear the updates on her status and care. Keri understood that although he was the grandfather, he was an intricate part of his granddaughter’s care.

There is one thing she did that I will always appreciate and never forget. One night while the parents went home briefly to be with the other kids, my father and I stayed with my niece, as we were adamant and lucky enough to always having family present with her (she was in a medically induced coma). There was a period of about 40 minutes between my father and I leaving and the parents arriving where she was alone, as the roads were getting bad and we have a long commute. When my brother and sister-in-law (the parents) arrived back to their daughter’s room, they found that Keri had been with her the whole time. She had organized all the stuffed animals and blankets on her bed, and the most touching thing she did was to give her a manicure and pedicure! My brother called me in tears he was so touched by this.

This exemplifies the true compassion, Patient & Family Centered Care, and going above and beyond of our staff here at Bronson. Keri is a gem and I am beyond grateful for her amazing, sincere care for my niece and our family.