Kelsey Butler
August 2020
Care Management
St. Luke's Hospital
United States




Kelsey is 6500's RN Care Manager. She generally does an amazing job for the ICU; however, her time on the unit is usually split amongst other nursing divisions. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Kelsey volunteered and took up the task of remaining in the ICU to provide enhanced communication with family members, as they were no longer allowed to visit their loved ones. This immensely helped the families through this difficult and unprecedented time, but also allowed the ICU nurses to focus solely on providing the critical care that so many of these patients required. Kelsey handled family phone calls, provided updates, and FaceTimed with family members and patients to ease the strain of isolation. These tasks alone were instrumental in the success of providing care for our patients, but the compassion she provided truly eased the pain of so many. I, as the Assistant Nurse Manager, and all the clinical staff of Division 6500 cannot thank her enough for all she has done. Kelsey truly is a wonderful team member and the reason why St. Luke's is such a special place to receive and give care.

Note: This is Kelsey’s 2nd DAISY Award!