Kelly Daggett

Kelly Daggett

Kelly Daggett, RN

Labor and Delivery
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania
United States

When Kelly greeted me in the delivery room I knew we would have a good experience. She was upbeat, smiling and in tune to what my family and I were saying about my birth plan. Kelly listened to me and discussed things that we could do differently this time. Every time that she came in the room she spoke positively and told me that we could meet my goals.

Throughout my labor that night things went very well. My plan and goals for this delivery were being met. Kelly did an amazing job of coaching me which was part of our plan that we discussed at the beginning of the night. The delivery was smooth, but after my son was born I had complications. Kelly was by my side holding my hand for much of the terrifying 70 minutes that followed.

My room was a swirl of easily a dozen people all throwing around ideas and suggestions. Being an ICU trained nurse, the information I was hearing was alarming, Kelly handed off the report to dayshift and stayed to be with me and my family. My vision was getting dark and I was trying to keep myself awake and my eyes open. Everybody in the room was talking and discussing even arguing about what to do, but no one was aware that I was hearing everything they said. As an ICU nurse I understand that this happens during an emergency. But this was not my environment and I thought I was dying. Kelly just kept telling me that I was doing great and that things were going to be ok. Aside from my faith and prayers, Kelly was a steady source of peace, calm and encouragement for me that morning. Knowing that she was 20 weeks pregnant at that time must have been a challenging shift for her as well, but she never showed it. Later my family remarked on how caring and compassionate she was toward them and their needs during this time.

I have not seen her since the delivery, but when I do see her again I hope to express to her the difference she made in my life that day that only a dedicated nurse can make.