Kelly Brady

Kelly Brady, RN

Emergency Department
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
Vancouver, Washington
United States

Kelly Brady, a Emergency Nurse at Salmon Creek Medical Center, shows kindness and compassion on a daily basis. Not long ago while driving to her home in Woodland, Washington, that compassion was demonstrated to the highest degree. Kelly was going over the Woodland Bridge and noticed a pregnant women walking alone on the other side of the bridge. Something inside of Kelly told her that the women needed help. Kelly turned her car around and parked on the other side of the bridge. When she started to approach the women to ask if she needed a ride, the women ran and put one leg over the side of the bridge and stated she had nothing to live for. Kelly ran to the women and wrapped her arms around her. The women then tried to get her other leg over the bridge, that is when Kelly realized that she could not hold her if she got that second leg over the side. Kelly began to cry and told the women "if you go over, I'm going with you and I don't want to die today." The women started to cry and they both fell to the ground. At that point, a male came toward them and grabbed the women's hands trying to get them behind her back. Kelly asked the man what he was doing, he said he was a Vancouver Police officer, Kelly told him to back off as she was a nurse and she would handle this. The women in the meantime panicked and started to run, Kelly said the officer again wanted to subdue the women but she directed the officer to call an ambulance and she would get the women off the bridge. The women was then led to the end of the bridge by Kelly and waited there for the ambulance. While waiting, Kelly asked the women why she wanted to jump. The women stated she had just been beaten by her boyfriend and that she was a meth addict, she just felt all was lost. She also stated she was afraid to go in the ambulance because she did not want to be tied down. Kelly told her that the ambulance crew were her friends and that they would keep her safe and take her to Salmon Creek Medical Center where she worked and she would check on her later when her shift started. The women agreed and went on to the hospital.

Later that day when Kelly got to work she went and checked on the women and asked her if she remembered her. The women stated, "yes you are the one that saved by life, it took a total stranger to make me understand that I have a reason to live."