Kelley Fischer

Kelley Fischer, RN, BSN

Cardiothoracic ICU
University of Colorado Hospital
Aurora, Colorado
United States
Kelly positioned Mr. B on one side of the bed, so Mrs. B could spend one last night lying next to her husband.

Kelly Fisher is absolutely everything you would ever want or need in a nurse!  Kelly’s attention to detail and precise ICU nursing care is nothing less than excellent.  Her compassion is always evident by her welcoming smile and her nurturing nature.  She goes above and beyond what her patients need or ask for.

Kelly is certainly heads above her peers with her exceptional nursing knowledge and the efficient patient care she delivers.  I am certain this is not the first, nor will it be the last award Kelly Fisher will receive in her nursing career.  What sets her apart to be awarded the DAISY Award today is her incredible connection and compassion she has with her patients and their families.  She goes above and beyond for what her patients need.

Mr. B was a patient in the CTICU for only 2 weeks before he passed away.  He was a young, otherwise healthy, father in his early 40s.  He was married to a devoted wife, who never left his bedside during his entire stay.  He was the father of two sweet, young girls.  Kelly Fisher took care of Mr. B and his family the night shift before they withdrew his care.  Kelly emotionally supported Mr. B’s wife with her decision, the reality ahead of her, and what to expect over the next 24 hours.  She gathered supplies for Mr. B’s last bed bath and asked his wife if she would like to do the bath with her.  Kelly guided her through what was probably one of the last memories she has of her husband.  When they were finished with the bath, Kelly positioned Mr. B on one side of the bed, so Mrs. B could spend one last night lying next to her husband.  Mrs. B was so appreciative to Kelly and for the gift, she had been given.

Mr. B passed away the next afternoon.  His family was devastated to lose their husband and father so unexpectedly.  Their grief journey will, without a doubt, be a difficult process.  With the care that Kelly Fisher gave, their journey includes a lasting, beautiful memory they will have forever.  Kelly did not learn this kind of care in nursing school.  Her actions reflect her compassionate nursing care she delivers all her patients every day.   The CTICU is so incredibly lucky to have a nurse like this on our unit.