Kelley Banya

Kelley Banya

Kelley Banya, BSN, RN

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
Fairfax, Virginia
United States
Kelley comforted me and talked to me with such grace.

Kelley’s nomination was made by a patient on our medical unit: 

I had Kelley twice during my stay for diverticulitis.  Kelley anticipated my needs, took great care of me, and really connected with me. The first day that she was taking care of me, I got news from the doctors that in addition to my illness, I had a hernia needing repair via surgery within the next month.  While I am already upset being in the hospital so long and just having surgery in May and August, I was really upset, crying and having an anxiety attack.  Kelley comforted me and talked to me with such grace.  She suggested music therapy but I declined.  She sent them anyway and I loved it!  It made me feel much better.  Kelley is fantastic, kind, and knowledgeable.  She is more than deserving of this award and recognition. 

Kelley made a lasting impression of compassion and holistic care for this patient.  She utilized other treatment modalities that are available at our hospital to assist with healing and well being.  Kelley recognized the importance of treating not just the physical condition of this individual,  but also her emotional health to aid in her recovery.  Inova Fair Oaks is proud to have nurses like Kelley who are so committed to helping their patients.