Kayla Gordon
September 2020
Bigelow 7 Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
United States




The love of my life started bleeding internally and I didn't find out until two days later. We spent a couple of weeks at a local hospital before my partner was transferred to MGH. We chose MGH because its great reputation.

Trying to work and commute to Boston from Cape Ann to be with my partner as much as possible, I was exhausted by the time he arrived on Bigelow 7. Kayla greeted me with a warm smile and welcomed me while I waited for him to come from a test.

She even took the time to notice me and my exhaustion and gave me a blanket and pillow to rest while he had his test. Kayla made an all-out effort to get to know us and quickly learned of my partner's impatience for waiting. She explained tests, the plan for the day, and test results clearly.

She was honest with him, letting him know she would not be able to give exact times for tests and schedules as things constantly changed but would do her best to keep us informed.

She was also so patient with him since he has aphasia from a stroke a year ago. Kayla took the time to make sure he understood his procedures, limitations, and test results. Kayla's demonstration of knowledge in her field as well as a demonstration of her nursing skills was always evident.

Just as important, was the compassion and caring she demonstrated to my partner and me. We both felt safe and secure with him in her care. I even took a morning off to take care of myself, knowing Kayla would make sure he received anything he needed.

In our myriad of experiences as hospital patients, Kayla is one of the best we have ever had the privilege of witnessing caregiving and nursing. She saw us as humans, as evidence of one time when I squeezed into my partner's hospital bed for a snuggle, she quietly pulled the curtain to allow us a bit of privacy which was much needed. She really "got us" and we are deeply grateful for that.