Kawthar Khalifeh

Kawthar Khalifeh

Kawthar Khalifeh, RN

Pediatric - Outpatient
King Hussein Cancer Center
Amman, 'Amman
As Kawthar received my son, she started to pet him and tried to make him laugh and relax.

I want to pay tribute to the nursing staff at King Hussein Cancer Center for their kindness, strong sense of moral values, and professionalism.

I would like to talk about the wonderful Nurse, Kawthar, who dealt with me nicely in several situations, two of which I would love to mention.

One day, I was waiting at the Pediatric clinic, and my seven-year-old son wanted to draw Kawthar. He asked her to sit on the chair and do not move. With his cute little hands, he began to draw Kawthar. Whenever she wanted to move, he would scream and say to her, "Do not move until I finish drawing you", and yet she was very nice and kind to him. After he finished drawing her, she thanked him for the drawing and put it in the clinic.

Another situation was when I called Nurse Kawthar one day, and I was very nervous, telling her that I felt my son was not okay. She asked me some questions, and based on my answers, she asked me to bring my son to the Emergency Department. I was crying on the phone and she was trying to calm me down and asked me to end the call as I was driving the car alone with my son.

When I arrived at the Pediatric Emergency Department, I found her waiting for me with a wheelchair to move my son immediately to the internal emergency rooms. As she received him, she started to pet him and tried to make him laugh and relax.

Two days later, my son passed away at the hospital from his illness.

Kawthar is such a wonderful nurse in the Pediatric Department at King Hussein Cancer Center. I wish her luck and success and kindly request the Center to keep appreciating her efforts.

I love her for the sake of Allah.