Katlyn Bakos

Katlyn Bakos

Katlyn Bakos, RN

Ortho Spine
Ascension St. John Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States
My frown was turned upside down and Katlyn took the job of easing my pain as her private mission.

I was working as a caregiver when I herniated discs L4-L5. I came to St. Johns for my 4th back surgery in 18 months. Prior surgeries for my work injury were for double laminectomy and discectomy, fusion of L4-S1 and for right S1 joint fusion. I was truly blessed when I had the good fortune to be taken care of by an angle disguised as a nurse.

Katlyn was assigned to me. I was extremely depressed and in severe pain after just having a 4th surgery in 1 and 1.5 years. Katlyn is a genuine caring and compassionate person. She is the epitome of a nurse. My frown was turned upside down and she took the job of easing my pain as her private mission. Katlyn changed my position in bed, applied the ice machine pad up against my wounds and tucked my blankets around me. Concerned about my blood pressure running very low, she hooked me back up to an IV bolus and maintained 2 fresh water cups beside me to encourage drinking, both of these to assure a raised blood pressure so I would take my pain medication which had been denied previously because of the low blood pressure.

Katlyn's upbeat, optimistic and kind behavior brought me out of my depression. Her encouraging attitude was catchy and made me feel strength and optimism that I desperately needed to have to feel okay to be ready to return home with faith that I can to this one more time. Katlyn took her calling of nursing seriously and for that I am grateful. She literally "nursed me back to health" during her 12-hour shift with me. After being hospitalized for around a total of 4 weeks between 4 stays for surgeries and ER visits and CDU stays, Katlyn goes above and beyond her duties and really takes care of not just the physical care.