Kathy Halloway

Kathy Halloway, RN

Baptist Health Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

... my wife was a patient at Baptist Health Louisville. She was in the Intensive Care Unit and then they moved her to the Park Tower 3rd floor Cancer Unit. On June 21st we had the most awesome nurse named Kathy Halloway. We did not realize that day that my wife was going to die. I thought we would have more days together. Kathy was in and out of the room most of the day wanting to know if my daughter or I needed anything or if we wanted her to call someone for us. She talked with us every time she came into the room to make sure we were ok. My wife could not swallow at this point. She was completely out of it. Kathy worked with my wife for over twenty minutes just to get her to swallow her pain pill. Most of the nurses that we have had in the past would not have taken that much time to work with my wife to get her to just swallow her pain pill. Kathy was very compassionate and really cared about our family at that time. She went above and beyond what I think a nurse's duties are. Kathy stayed after the doctor came in and suggested we move her to the Hospice floor because there was nothing more that could be done for her and her bi-pap was no longer working. Kathy was right there with us. Kathy gave her a shot and she even sat with us for a little bit. Kathy stated that the 4th floor had a bed and they were waiting for transport to get there to move my wife. She also stated that she would stay until they moved her and talk to the nurse that would be taking care of my wife and let her know what was going on and her condition. She was supposed to leave around 7 pm and she stayed until my wife passed at about 8 pm or a little later. After my wife passed away, Kathy was right there with us crying and she said a little prayer with us. Kathy deserves this award because of her compassion and how kind she was. She stayed right on top of everything all day long. She is an awesome nurse and really cares about her patients. In all of the years I have been taking my wife to Baptist we have never had a nurse who showed so much compassion for her patients and family members. She is truly a role model for the nursing profession.