Kathy Chang
April 2014
BMT Transplant
University of Washington Medical Center
United States




Kathy is a nurse who deserves recognition for her dedication, commitment, and teamwork. Kathy has been quick to adapt and be flexible. She consistently seeks to help others and to provide the best care possible for her patients and their families. She is always good about picking up details and focusing on important interventions. When I had a patient who was crashing while I was away during a break, I was amazed to find how quickly and easily she jumped in to help my patient in respiratory distress; providing oxygen by ambu bag, respiratory and doctors all paged, and helping to resolve the situation quickly. It was great to know that I could rely on her if I was unavailable and I appreciate how helpful and knowledgeable she is. Kathy is truly an extraordinary nurse. She goes above and beyond every single day. She never shows up without giving 110% of herself and will never say "No" to help the unit. She is so humble; she doesn't even realize what an asset to 8NE she is. We really won the lottery when we hired her!