Kathryn Jackson

Kathryn Jackson, RN

Charge RN, Clinical Coordinator, Team Leader - Med Surg
Northside Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States
Kathryn has a big sincere smile.

Kathryn has been super helpful explaining things and answering all my questions.  She makes sure I have everything I need and has been right on time.  I really appreciate all her help with a smile and kindness.  She is definitely an asset to this hospital.  She was the first nurse to take care of me upon being admitted.  She is a great nurse.  She has a big sincere smile, she is confident in her duties, and so patient answering questions.  She was helping a newer nurse, and was so kind and patient in her teaching and answering questions.  All the nurses here at Northside are good and it is difficult to pick just one or two, but Kathy is more than a nurse who knows the job – she is a real healer and I am so happy she took care of me.  She was top of the line in so many ways.  Thank you.