Kathie Cika

Kathie Cika

Kathie Cika, RN

Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic
MetroHealth Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio
United States

D was in dire need of dental surgery. Unfortunately, he is scared of doctors and petrified of dentists and required significant team involvement just to get him to his initial appointment with Dr. B. While there, nurse Kathy made D feel comfortable and at ease (she even made him laugh a few times) and talked him into blood work (a first!) and the flu vaccine.

At his next appointment, Kathy was attentive and encouraging as always and D asked if she could be present for his dental surgery. To everyone's surprise, Kathy agreed without hesitation. D's surgery was scheduled and he had to be at the hospital at 0630. As promised, Kathy greeted us at the hospital, 3 hours before her work shift began at 0930. When the procedure was delayed, she talked with medical staff, explaining D's needs and was a helpful liaison, between D's team and the doctors. She stayed with a very nervous D, the entire time until she had to go to work. By that time, D was comfortably sedated and shortly afterward was taken to the OR for a successful surgery and had teeth removed.

It took D over a year (and many cancelled appointments) to gather courage to have that critical surgery, despite being in pain and having his face swell off and on. A crucial turning point for him was connecting with Kathy, who calmed his fears and brought compassion, humor and humanity to the scary, clinical environment of a hospital. D is street smart savvy about people and he knows when someone is the real deal. Kathy is just that and D and his team will be forever grateful.