Katherine Hallows
November 2017
Labor and Delivery
Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center
United States




Kathy welcomed us to the L&D unit and realized I (Dad) was nervous. She wrote everything on the board including our baby’s name to help me feel more comfortable. She asked me how I was feeling and reassured me that mom will be okay. She never made my wife feel bad about having pain during labor. She held my wife's hand all the time and talked to her to help her through labor. Kathy asked me if I ever cut the cord with my other kids. I told her no because I was always too nervous. She said don't worry we will do this together. Kathy held my hand and talked with me and we cut my son's cord together. I teared up about this moment.  It was so special for her to help me have that experience. Kathy was wonderful with my wife and she never forgot about me.