Katelyn Altemari
August 2020
WellStar West Georgia Medical Center
United States




When I was recently hospitalized with severe shortness of breath due to COVID my first caretaker was Katelyn; I was sinking fast and oxygen was needed. Katelyn was not only an excellent nurse in my care, but she was also communicating with my daughter concerning my condition. You see both my daughters are nurses and they were very impressed with Katelyn's updates. This alone was exceptional.

But, when I was nearing intubation Katelyn was contacted by security and notified by security that my car had been broken into in the ER parking lot. After delivering that news to me, she detected my upset state and quickly calmed me by assuring she would get with my daughter and have her take care of the vehicle.

Then after Katelyn was off work she came to me and asked if I wanted her to drive my car to my daughter’s house. I was very pleased that she would care so much for a patient that she would volunteer after work to make me as comfortable as possible. She drove my car to a safe place.

After extubating, there was Katelyn caring for my every need. One final thing; she even dropped by my room after her weekend off to check on me (she wasn't working with me that day). That's a whole bouquet of daisies!