Karen Morales

Karen Morales, RN

Texas Children's Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

It was touch and go with our infant. He was on the vent with multiple IVs and gastric tube. She was so calm, assuring, focused on the problems of him. She contacted the MD and got and order prior to his condition worsening. She was in tune to his needs and put lunch off til he was stable. She listened to us and explained things in a way we all could understand. She coordinated with other disciplines (i.e. respiratory, dietary) our concerns and wishes. She encouraged the human touch and she gave the human touch with her care. She was able to focus on his needs and keep our concerns and wishes noted as well. She made you feel like a family member and not a burden or idiot. She simplified explanations for one family member and explained med term/exchanged med jargon with the medical member of our family. It was like our aunt or sister was talking care of him. She connected with all of use. She was awesome.