Karen Foreman

Karen Foreman

Karen Foreman, RN

Palmetto Health Baptist - Columbia
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Karen does all of the Discharge phone calls for Women's Services. Although she is no longer at the bedside and only works PRN, her care and compassion for the women and babies in our care is extraordinary.

On too many occasions to count, Karen has paid for prescriptions that a new Mom could not afford. On 2 occasions, through discharge phone calls, Karen has had 2 new moms return to the Emergency Room because they were displaying signs of having DVT's, and both times she was right. Karen has taken car seats and pack-n-plays to moms who had a need, always looking out for infant safety. In all of these cases Karen has used her own funds. She is soft-spoken and does not share all that she does for our patients but her gestures speak volumes and are always passed on through kind words from the patients she connects with and the staff. Karen shies away from the spotlight but she is a Godsend the staff and patients on our unit.

Recently, a mother left the hospital without her baby's footprint sheet. Karen drove to the mother's house, stamped the baby's footprints, and made sure that the new mom had the memento to keep. Karen is so engaged and invested in the care of our Palmetto Health patients. She is not only an outstanding nurse but an outstanding individual. She deserves this DAISY Award.