Karen Drennen

Karen Drennen, RN

Surgical Unit
Indiana University Health: Arnett
Lafayette, Indiana
United States

Patient Writes:

Karen needs to be rewarded by the staff members and the Medicine Board of Indiana and the people of the government of the United States that give people like her special awards.

Karen as a person is a very good example of what a healthcare provider should be.

As a man that was in the armed service to protect her rights to go to school to learn her job as a nurse, I feel that the time I spent in the USA Navy Seals was not a waste of time spent on her. She made me feel like I was her own son that was very sick and made it known to me that I was her patient and I was going to have the best treatment and was always going to be provided with 100% of the care that she had to offer me. She never left me alone and she took my fear and made it her own, just to make me feel safe so my recovery would be protected from the fear that makes recovery hard to come by. She put herself in front of my pain and made it her own so I would not feel it. That is why my recovery was the best example I've ever felt.

She made sure that I understood what treatment your hospital was doing to me and insured the health care service I was receiving was the best. She went out of her way to provide me with all my needs to make my recovery pain and stress less. She held my head and prayed with me for my sister when I found out she had cancer. Karen didn't even know her. Karen made sure I knew what medications I was taking and explained what they were for. She made sure she introduced new nurses and doctors to me before she left me with them. Karen gave me 120% of her care to help me through my treatment.

Interim Manager Writes:

Karen Drennen is so very deserving of this reward. She comes to work every day with the goal to give the best care possible to all her patients. She is the nurse that is always at the bedside comforting the patient and explaining things for the patient and family. She treats EVERY patient with respect and kindness regardless of the situation. I have also seen Karen in an acute situation and even then, she managed to provide support to the patient with her kind words and gentle manner. I am so happy to see Karen recognized for her excellent patient care.