Justin Carey

Justin Carey

Justin Carey, RN

Sanford Medical Center - Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota
United States
The next day Justin was assigned to other patients, but he checked on my husband and me at least 5 times.

My husband had a long and difficult journey in his battle with lung cancer. In December he was admitted to ICU and had to be intubated because of breathing difficulties. Two days later Justin Carey was his nurse. He is very kind, caring, and took excellent care of my husband making sure he was comfortable, speaking with him while working with him. He also took excellent care of me that day.

I had been informed by the doctors there may be difficult times ahead and it weighed heavily on my mind. Justin saw my angst and took the time to listen to me. The next day Justin was assigned to other patients, but he checked on my husband and me at least 5 times. He did this each day we were there. Four days later Justin again was my husband's nurse, I was so grateful as this was the day of his care conference. He attended it with me and other family members. His presence was very calming and reassuring when we learned the difficult news that he would not be able to breathe on his own and the cancer had grown to the point he had a few weeks to a month to live. We made the decision to extubate the next day.

During the day, Justin assisted us in spending time with my husband by lowering his sedation, so friends and family could say our goodbyes and give him our love. He was able to reaffirm that he no longer wanted to be on the vent, this was invaluable to me! Justin was kind and caring every step, every day. On the day we removed the vent, Justin had the day off but came on his own time to be with me while my husband was taken off the vent. Justin stayed with me during the procedure and until my husband passed away. He then waited until I came out of the room to make sure I was okay.

We made a memorial service for my husband less than one month later, again Justin took the time to come and honor my husband and be a calming influence for me. There is no one in this world that is more deserving of this award that Justin. I truly don’t know how I would have gotten through this difficult time without his excellent care and compassion, patience, and understanding. Every nurse should be a Justin!