Juliet Aghazarian
August 2020
Gero Psych
USC Verdugo Hills Hospital
United States




I must admit, I brought my father with an open heart and high expectations after my conversation with a former patient's daughter regarding her mother's care and improvement at VHH. So far, your staff has met and exceeded my expectations. I know nothing is perfect and everyone (including myself) could work harder at work, but this nurse has positively stood out! My sister and I are taking turns visiting our father while they test him for COVID. This afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting Juliet. She was just as kind and professional in person as she's been every time one of my sisters or I call for an update. She stopped by to put in an IV as my dad is dehydrated. She tried so hard to get his vein for IV fluids. She couldn't. She apologized to me several times for being unsuccessful even though I reiterated so many times it is not her fault. I told her so many times I appreciate her help. She even asked the person sitting with my dad to change his sheets and clean him up. She's great! Then, she took the time to talk to me and help me feel comfortable with all of this. Juliet comforted me and reminded me to pray when she noticed I started to cry. She's awesome, kind, caring, and professional. She is everything I expect from nurses anywhere, but especially at USC! Juliet truly helped my family Fight On! She is outstanding!