Julie Hadley

Julie Hadley, RN

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Julie discovered pustule welts on her patient that had not been there previously. She discussed this with the doctor and surgeon, both who were not as concerned as Julie felt they should be. Even after seeing the patient the MD wasn't concerned. Julie took pictures. The Surgeon, after much prodding, saw the patient's pictures and sent the patient to the OR the next morning. It seems the patient had acquired necrotizing fascitis. Julie did a great job advocating for her patient by insisting that the skin had changed, not taking "NO" for a answer from the Dr's and following up. I am very proud of her. It is always a pleasure to work with Julie. She is right on top of things....believe me! The doctor has since commended her on her assessment of the wound, her continued calls and encouragement of him to follow up. It has been said that the quick action of Julie has extended this patients life by years. Julie is an exempliary nurse and strives to complete tasks and work at her usual 110% every day.

2nd nomination for Julie
Julie took care of me on 2 day shifts several months ago. Although I work at the hospital, I didn’t know her. I was so impressed by her caring attitude and her presence. As I waited to go to surgery for a badly broken arm on day 2 of my stay, my pain was intense. I remember looking at her and feeling “the sacred encounter”. Julie's genuineness, empathy, honesty, respect and sensitivity was so powerful that even now many months later I feel such a closeness to her. As I write this I realize I experienced the power of the therapeutic nurse patient relationship. Yes I had incredible moments of harmony with Julie even while in great pain. Those moments are truly healing for the patient. So even now when I go to her floor and see her, I give her a hug & a smile, she made such a difference in my brief stay on 2 Center.

Thank you for becoming a nurse and thank you for your truly healing care & compassion that I experienced as a patient. We are fortunate to have such a great nurse working here!