Julie Freking

Julie Freking

Julie Freking, RN

Pre-Experience Recovery
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States
Julie quickly formed a bond with my wife in providing her care and was genuinely concerned about her welfare.

My wife came in for a same day surgery procedure. Everything was exceptional, the registration, the pre-surgery workup, the nurses, etc. Following the completion of the surgery as my wife was in recovery she had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, causing her to become very nauseated. What should have been a very routine recovery turned into a very long afternoon and evening. The experience was difficult on my wife as this was her first experience under anesthesia; however, under Julie's care, she made the whole experience less traumatic.

As I witnessed the events as they were unfolding, one could have become frustrated in this situation and dealing with this type of patient. Julie took a completely different approach, she was extremely patient, listening to my wife, understanding what her needs were and providing the care that was needed at that moment. What was a series of "embarrassing" moments for my wife, Julie didn't flinch. She simply provided the most compassionate care to make it less embarrassing.

She took the time, probably at the expense of other patients, to be extremely tentative to her needs and her comfort. Making every attempt to change a very uncomfortable situation into a more manageable situation. She didn't ever appear to be rushed or impatient as she was caring for my wife. She took additional time to talk her through the situation, comforting her and letting her know that she will make it through.

During this time and over the hours spent together I felt that Julie quickly formed a bond with my wife in providing her care and was genuinely concerned about her welfare. As her shift ended she was deliberate in making sure that the nurse taking over her care knew exactly what had been done, where things were at, and what needed to still happen to help us get home for the night. She was less concerned about getting on her way home and more concerned that my wife would get better. As she wrapped up, she gave my wife a hug and let her know that all is well and she will be just fine. Providing the comfort that my wife needed in that moment. The following day I asked my wife what she thought about her care the previous day and she said "Julie was the best nurse, I felt she really cared about me and I felt it when she gave me a hug as she was leaving. Every nurse should be like Julie."